Shamanic Workshops

Shamanic workshops offer to experiment the ancestral techniques of Amazonian healers "curanderos", particularly those of Shipîbo Indians, well-known for their shamanism and their ancestral knowledge of medicinal plants.

They are equally suited for those seeking wellness (physical, psychological and spiritual) and for those wishing to go through a deep experience of self deepening that will open a path to higher states of consciousness, as well as for people wishing to learn shamanic techniques.



Healing services


One of the most important aspects of the shamanic work is to adhere to the tradition of the diet, which allows for the necessary physical and psychological purification. The aim is not only to prepare the body, but also spirit and soul to assimilate the healing energy of the master plants. The dieta also shows our motivation and commitment.
This diet prohibits the consumption of fats, spices, vinegar, salt, sugar, pork meat, meat except chicken and some fish, milk products, acid or sweet fruit, cold water or ice, alcohol.  It is to begin a few days before your departure and all during the Workshop (All the food you will eat at the center respects this diet). Sexual activity of any kind is also not allowed.




An Ayahuasca ceremony is quite a special event to experience. The ceremony is a healing ritual during which the healers perform their art on the patients. The Ayahuasca being the tool they use to open their minds to the spiritual dimension so that they can "see" the condition of their patient, establish a diagnosis, and treat the person.

At the beginning of the ceremony you are invited to take a glass of Ayahuasca if you want to. After everyone has taken the plant, we wait in silence for the effect of the trance to start, which can take from 20 minutes to one hour. Then the healers start to chant to open the ceremony, opening the World of the Medicine.

This first part of the ceremony might be a little challenging. While our mind is opening to new perceptions, it can react and become confused by this unexplored territory. Just as we can feel disoriented when we arrive in some unknown country. If we stay in trust, keep our focus on our intention and breathe calmly, we can cross this doorway in a few moments.

The plants can then show us the answers to what we are searching for. The visions can take many unexpected forms and each ceremony is different. We can see beautiful landscapes, be filled with love and joy or experience more difficult feelings such as fear, confusion, doubts, dark visions… whatever happens it is always wise to remember that this is the effect of the plant, nothing less, nothing more.

When we go through difficult feelings or experiences we can always come back to our intention, look for a quiet space inside us and stay calm. It is also always possible to ask for help during our ceremonies: you will be taken care of by our healers and helpers.

Throughout the entire ceremony the healers guide the progress of the work and chant to call positive energies. They also perform individual work on the people who attend, chanting to bring healing, free unwanted energies, clear the mind, open the heart, reinforce the connection with the plant taken, bring pleasant feelings and visions…

The visions are an answer to your intention. They are given to you by the Ayahuasca and your plant diet so that you can achieve your intention, have more understanding and get deeper levels of healing. Nevertheless the plant does not always bring visions, it can interact with you in many different ways. The plants have their own way to help us which is often not so simple to grasp with our human intelligence, at least during the process.

Once the healers have performed their work, they close the ceremony. Even then you still may continue to feel some effect from the ayahuasca, although usually the effect will be reduced and you will feel a deep sense of well being or fall asleep.



-Conversations with the shaman 

Regular individual and group meetings with the healers all along your stay. During these meetings they can get to know more about your process and also share with you about the tradition, the medicine, the Shipibo culture and the work with the plants.
Somebody will be in charge to make translation if you do not speak Spanish.



The use of purgatives is a common healing tool. When we have been living an unhealthy life or have been sick for a long time, many substances and energies have often settled in the body (stomach, intestines…) and mind. The purgative can start a healing process by cleaning you from these energies. It prepares and opens the space for the work of the plants and the healers
It is also a good preparation for the ceremony if you intend to drink ayahuasca, as your system will already have been freed from a lot of unnecessary substances.



 -Plant diet

The plant diet is the most known healing practice of the shipibo and Amazonian Medicine. You will drink a glass of juice made of plant for a certain amount of time, during which you will have to follow a specific alimentary diet. It is the main tool of the Amazonian Medicine, used for healing as well as for learning about the medicine.

Amazonian people have always lived among the plants. For them the plants and trees are living entities and the forest is the habitat not only of animals and birds but also spirits of all kinds. There are spirits of the water, the earth, the sky... and the plants. This conception of the world comes from a direct experience of the existence of such spiritual life all around them. It is with these spirits that amazonian shamans have worked with and still work with today.

The Master Plants are plants whose spirits can transmit their knowledge to human beings. They are available to help humans in their evolution and healing process. By establishing a connection with the plants through the discipline of the diet it is possible to receive healing and knowledge. The mastery of this discipline requires years of training and practice.

Each master plant has its own specific knowledge and healing properties. They can teach about psychology, medicine, spirituality, hunting, biology. They can also help to open one's mind or heart, reinforce the body, bring good fortune and heal. There is a plant for almost any use or need you can imagine.

It is part of the shipibo culture to use the plants. They use them to learn the medicine, develop their consciousness and to treat others.



-Isolation in the jungle in a tambo

Isolation huts if you want to spend time on your own during your stay and go deeper with your process.

Isolation takes place in a real retreat, in a simple shelter ("tambo") in the jungle, allowing as little contact with others as possible. This retreat allows one to refocus on one's true self by reducing outside stimuli, thus facilitating deeper internal communication. 



-Shipibo Massage
This is the only technique which does not uses plants even though it is through the plants that we learn to practice it. The shipibo massage frees the body from tensions and opens the muscles so that the energy can flow easily. It can be used to work on physical tensions but also to heal internal problems like stomach pain, digestive disorders or female issues.



-Flower bath & plant bath
The plants or flowers stay in water for several hours. When we bathe with this water, it is charged with the healing energies of the plants that penetrate the body through the pores.
Bathes are used for several reasons. Each bath has a specific function according to the plants that are used. Some bathes bring good fortune, some help to open ourselves to love, others clean our stress and negative energies. They can therefore help with many conditions, ranging from depression to stress. They also bring a sense of wellbeing and relaxation that will help your process and prepare you for the evening ceremony.



-Steam bath
We have a few small huts for the steam bathes. The steam comes from water boiled with plants. The steam allows the energy of the plants to penetrate into the body. This is a very effective way to clean the body and mind from unwanted energies. It is a very effective healing tool for all kinds of psychological and mental conditions. It also brings a deep state of relaxation freeing you from tension and negative energies stuck in the body or mind.



-Steam bath for hands
The energy of the plants enters the body through the meridians of the hands and from there they penetrate the entire system. This practice is used to increase the sensitivity of the hand when a healer wants to learn to heal with his hands and practice massage for example.