La Nueva Luz Cosmica

-A Spiritual Center-


La nueva Luz Cosmica - “The new Cosmic Light” - is a spiritual healing center dedicated to the application of the Traditional Amazonian Medicine as practiced in the Shipibo Tradition.


The Shipibo medicine is one of the most sophisticated tradition of the various plant medicines practiced all over the amazon rain forest.


The Shipibo people live in the area of Puccallpa in the Peruvian Amazon. According to their cosmology the plants which surround them are living entities, spirits which can help human beings for healing, personal development or shamanic apprenticeship.


At Luz Cosmica we practice the Shipibo medicine in its purest form following the ways of the oldest schools of shamans. We use traditional plants and the spiritual knowledge of our ancestors to help our visitors to regain health and harmony in their life. To do so we work with traditional plant diets and personalized healing treatments through ceremonies, massages, steam baths, plant baths.

All these healing practices help to free the patient from negative energies and bring balance and harmony in the body, spirit and soul.


According to the Shipibo Tradition a disease can be physical, psychological or spiritual. In Luz Cosmica we treat many different kinds of conditions such as traumas, sadness, chronic depressions, spells, addictions as well as physical conditions such as chronic disease, infections, tumors, cancer... 


The Center also welcomes persons who want to study the shipibo medicine and initiate themselves to this shamanique tradition.


The property is not far from Iquitos nevertheless it is located deep enough in the forest so that you can experience the beauty and majesty of a pristine environment with a vast variety of old tress and plants. This surrounding supports the spiritual connection to the energies of the forest which connection is an integral aspect of the healing process as we intend it.


There are 20 “tambos”, individual huts, in which people can isolate for the duration of the treatment if they wish. To respond the comfort western people are used to, all the “tambos” are large and enclosed with mosquito nets. We also have a kitchen which serves diet food, toilets and showers, and a botanical garden.


Luz Cosmica is open all year round for individual visitors and groups. We welcome people who come for healing as well as those who wish to apprentice. You can stay with us for one or two nights or for several months.


“Our objective is that our visitors go back home healed and happy.”


James Arevalo Rojas "Panshincopi"

James Arevalo is a shipibo shaman born in Puccallpa in 1972. He comes from an old lineage of healers. When he was 18, James started his apprenticeship under the guidance of his grand father Benito Arevalo. Since 2006 he has been deepening his knowledge of the traditional medicine with his father Guillermo Arevalo. Through them he has had the opportunity to connect to the ancient healing ways of his people and to one of the oldest lineage of shipibo shamans. The Arevalo family is a very old family of healers and shamans.


He has been working for many years with westerners under the supervision of both his grand father and his father. Through his 24 years of training and practice he has gathered a lot of experience. 

James carries the Knowledge of the Shipibo people and the ways of the old shamanic school.


Since 2010 he runs his own center Luz Cosmica. He also holds workshops and offers healing sessions all over the world (Russia, Lithuania,Austria, France).


I am glad for all the experiences I have had on this path. Each ceremony is a new opportunity to learn more and strengthen my knowledge so that I can help the patients who visit me at Luz Cosmica. 

I really enjoy helping people. There are some conditions that modern medicine cannot heal while our traditional medicine can. I think of what we call “spiritual conditions” for example, like strong traumas, bad treatments, nightmares, chronic depressions, spells... For these kinds of conditions and many others the medicine of the shipibo people can bring very good results.

It makes me happy when people leave the center feeling better.”


His Shipibo name Panshincopi means “The Bright Yellow Light of the Universe”


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