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Workshops in Peru give you the oportunity to have amazonian

plants diet, which is not possible during European workshops.





• "The center" welcomes you for the duration of your choice, the center is open during all year.


Price :

90 US$ per day per person with 3 ceremonies by week,

100 US$ per day per person with 4 ceremonies by week,


The workshops includes :

•  The transports Iquitos airport <-> center
•  The accommodation in the center
•  Laundry service
•  Meals
•  The Purge
• Diet of master plants to help healing process, has power to raise spirituality
•  3 o 4 ceremonies with the sacred plants (Ayahuasca) by week

•  Treatment diseases of the body, mind, emotional and spiritual growth
•  Conversations with the shamans and translation


The centers offers a good standard of comfort (showers, toilets, electricity)



It is possible to live a long retreat for a treatment

or to do an apprenticeship diet.



Information, Reservation and Payment to the center,

contact :



What to bring to Peru:

Lightweight shoes and clothes, quick-drying pants, swimming suit, mosquito repellent (preferably without DEET), Toiletries (preferably use products Natural chemical-free, water bottle, electric torch, Ziploc bags to protect your belongings from moisture (in case of long stay), first aid kit.